My 10 Random Facts

Okay! Just got tagged! Thank you for Ndari who tagged me like a couple of minutes ago, got me back to my writing seat..err..bed.. Okay, that was a load of on to my 10 random facts which surprisingly feels like filling up a bulletin board post on Friendster.

  • I was born 24 years ago. March 3, 1984. That would be on a Saturday, which explains why I love Saturday nights so much. I’m sort of physically fit, standing at 172cm and weighing in at 75kg. Problem is, around 3kg of the weight is dedicated to the ever growing beer belly *sigh*.
  • I am currently working at the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference & Exhibition) industry. I’m an event planner, I specialize myself in event registrations, handling meeting rooms and managing myself throughout the event. I live and breathe event planning, and I am good at it.
  • I speak English better than my own mother tongue.
  • I was born from a Balinese belly and a West Sumatran sperm.
  • I am very anal about what I wear. One thing you’re not gonna see me do is strutting my ass out to town in no less than a well-ironed jeans, a t-shirt if I’m feeling relaxed, a nice shirt whenever I go to a lounge or cafe and a nice pair of kicks.
  • To me, music represents a lot of things. I LOVE jazz. However, I am also a big fan of trance/techno/house music. But nothing too dark. I’m more into vocal trance and liquid house. I can listen to dance music in broad daylight. To me, dance music calms my nerves and it sometimes sends me to my sleep. Downtempos, world music and loungy tunes are also my genre of choice.
  • I was a Tari Saman instructor back in college. I also did the Kecak and Tari Betawi. I’m very big on culture and if given the opportunity, I can just leave everything and go on travelling. No writing travel news or what not, just plain travelling. I love seeing new places and experience new things, whilst keeping it away from the extremes.
  • My biggest turn on would be a woman who speaks English well, health-conscious, has a nice sense of humor and a bit wild. Physically, I’m an ass and back person. Big boobs are great if you can still cup them. Bigger than that, then you’re basically screwing watermelons with legs.
  • My poison would be the Dharmawangsa Hotel’s Chocolate Martini, ice cold Heineken, Smirnoff Ice, DIY Screwdriver and/or Whiskey-Coke. I prefer Johnnie Walker over Jack Daniels for whiskey and Smirnoff over Absolut for Vodka. The most poisonous drink I had was a 90% polish vodka, didn’t do anything on the shot, but I nearly fell off while trying to wake up the next day.
  • If incognito philosophy is a name of a genre in philosophy, then I’m quite incognito with philosophy.

So, there you have it. Ten random facts about me. Thank you for your time reading the facts above.



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