Jakarta’s Socialites

I came accross an interesting blog, it’s at jakartasocial.wordpress.com. It’s filled with news regarding Jakarta’s socialites. I’m not a socialite because for one thing, one cannot proclaim oneself to be a socialite. Okay, to lessen the douchebag feel, I’m gonna put in a definition by Wikipedia on what socialite is:

“A socialite is a person who is noted as a member of fashionable society due to his or her regular participation in social activities and fondness for spending a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained. Socialites are usually in possession of considerable wealth, inherited or self-made, that can sustain their steady attendance at social functions.” (Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialite)

Okay I know the definition is a bit dodgy and all you socialites out there, feel free to comment on this post if you think that the definition is wrong. But we’ll take the Wiki entry as a benchmark for the rest of the post.

Now I’m not gonna go over the whole blog since this post is not gonna be a blog review. Instead I’m rather interested in what people commented on the posts. One of their latest post is Adinda Bakrie’s birthday bash post. What made it popular was because other than reporting on the birthday, they also mentioned about her marriage with this guy (forgot his name, reluctant on opening the blog again just to get his name, lol). Anyways, the comments made by some of the people were..well at one point over-excessive.

Some of the comments were even off-topic, some bloke said that she shouldn’t have a wedding that costs thousands (if not millions) of dollars because her family ought to be responsible for Lapindo Brantas. Umm..helloooooo!? Okay, I do believe in freedom of speech, but that is just out of line! And for what? We all know that the event is considered a national disaster already. But is she to blame? Is Adinda to blame for whatever mistakes Lapindo made? If she is accounted, then wouldn’t it be nothing more than a witch hunt?

She’s considered as a socialite. And guess what, apparently every rich people there is out there is considered a socialite by the Indonesians. Actually, I think there have been a mistake in labeling people as socialites. If we take a closer look at the definition above, socialites are a person who is noted and by that it means, another person considers that person a socialite. Hence the statement that I can’t call myself a socialite. Now, not all of the people considered as socialites are actually socialites (especially the self-proclaimed ones).

What I am trying to say is this: not all rich people are socialites. But because of one or two Jakartans who call themselves as socialites and starts to act not like how a socialite should be, which is smart and respected, people have lost respect to these poor men and (especially) women. Socialites are considered to only spend millions after millions of rupiahs on vacations and their monthly, if not weekly shopping spree. Well, answering why they do that is a bit tough, because the skeptics and the pessimists will then have a bunch of other reasons to counter that. What I can say is this, again, redefine what a socialite is. Because there’s the socialite who (supposedly) be active in either contributing and/or be a part of charity and there’s the rich kid that struts their attitude around hanging around the has been(s) and has not(s) calling themselves socialites and doesn’t even lift a finger for the needy.

Some say Bill Gates live a modest life and still gives to charities and why can’t socialites do the same thing. They know this for a fact. Why? Because Bill Gates has a face in the form of Microsoft. Now, who arranges those charities if not the socialites? The NGOs you say? Well guess what, socialites are behind certain NGOs. It’s just the way they play the whole charity thing that sometimes pisses people off. A fashion show + gala dinner may not be the politically correct way to hold a charity, but it works for them and in the end the charity goes through the NGOs to the needy.

But then again, being filthy-rich and have the socialite status thrust upon them does not make them the perfect human being. They are still human, filled with flaws as with the rest of us.  Remember, the term “socialite” is only a status. Mistakes are abound.


2 thoughts on “Jakarta’s Socialites

  1. Yeah, socialites are created by the media and we’ll just have to deal with their fabulous existence. I have to admit, reading about their lives and *ahem* endeavors on Tatler are a form of Saturday afternoon entertainment I never miss at the nearest coffee house.

    However, I do hope these socialites are well-versed in using their bestowed status when it comes to charity because not all NGO are accountable. They should be really careful with their money and reputation. If this is seen as being picky? They should be picky. They are, after all, the silent trendsetters. They wouldn’t want to set the wrong trend or ‘work’ for the wrong people, would they?

  2. Ditto with miund.
    Anyways, socialites are also made of real world, real life people with each of their unique personalities. Whatever image that they’re trying to expose out there, it reflects how the social interaction is between them and society, and how it gradually educates their ways throughout life. You are what you want to be in this world. Eventually.

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