Weight Lost!

Whew.. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Been posting on my other joint-blogs (yes, I have three blogs; this one, milikindonesia.wordpress.com & paguyubian.wordpress.com). I actually couldn’t come up with a creative idea to write. Heck, up till now, I’m still postponing my trip to lombok series and the trip was like a month ago already!

So, instead of thinking up a creative idea to write and impress all of you readers with an almost sharp-witted post, I thought up, why not write about something that I’ve been experiencing lately? I was standing in front of the office’s toilet mirror when I thought that..I think I’m finally loosing weight gradually! And no, I’m not a narcissist..rather someone who feels he’s obligated to share to all of you who would like to loose some weights, the things I’ve been enduring the past month or so.

I haven’t lost much, probably lost like 2 pounds in the last month. But I feel happy and as energetic again. FYI, I stopped working out after I started working in the company I’m in rite now due to crazy and unexpected schedules since I’m in the MICE (that’s Meetings, Incentives, Conference & Exhibitions) industry. So, sudden meetings and work is becoming more and more common even in weekends.

Anywhooo..coming back to feeling happy and as energetic again, I think this is what everyone should be doing in order to loose weight. You HAVE to be happy with your weight-loss regime. My choice of a regime is simple, I eat SUFFICIENT meals 3 times a day and I workout.

First things first, eating sufficient meals 3 times a day means having breakfast, lunch and yes you’re hearing it..DINNER! Now I know what you’re thinking and no I don’t just eat rice and red bean soup at every go, instead I eat what humans are supposed to eat. The trick is, I lower the portion to a sufficient amount so my sugar levels don’t spike or worse, they plumit. At breakfast, expect to eat a meal enough to energize through to lunch, same goes to lunch, eat enough so you’ll get through to dinner supported by an afternoon snack (can be anything you like to keep those sugar levels up — again, with sufficient portion) and at home eat home-cooked dinner. Some say don’t eat carbs, I suggest lowering the portion. Some say eat tons of proteins, I say eat everything with balance. You don’t wanna be protein-dependent for the rest of your life, then again that might be just me. And most of all, at all cost, AVOID processed and fast-foods.

Second and by far one of the most important thing you should include if you want to loose weight is a workout regime. Now, I’m not suggesting you should go and head down to the gym every day to work those asses off. If you can afford a gym membership (better with a personal instructor) then it’s even better. What I’m suggesting is you work out on your own. I was a novice, I just had some previous experience working out with an instructor but that wasn’t enough. I then Googled and Youtubed my way to the basics of weight-lost and exercising. There are very interesting workout regimes that you can try out at home even without if you don’t have equipments. Me, I have a set of dumbbells and a space to workout in my room. What I do is I do what’s called as “Circuit Training”. In layman’s term, it’s translated into working out until you feel you’re about to die..or faint..or best, until you feel it’s sufficient.

Sufficient in working out doesn’t mean pumping it out to the music for the next two hours. We’re all beat up and tired anyways from working at the office. Sufficient here means get a decent 15-minute (yes..15 minutes) workout. What I do is I walk from where the bus drops me off all the way to my house (that’s around 10 minutes of walk) to warm me up and then after I get home, I change to more comfortable clothes and start a 15 minute workout. Now, I can’t explain what you should do, again I emphasize in whatever it is you feel comfortable. If you like Jumping Jacks to be put in on the training, then put it in! If you wanna concentrate on certain muscles on certain days, then do it! But one suggestion I do have is, keep the training simple and let it be a process. If you can’t do a 2 set of 35 push-ups, then simply bring down the number, even if it’s just 2 set of 5 push-ups, DO IT!! Do not despair. The only reason why you can’t do 35 push-ups in one go is simply because your muscles have not been trained to endure such task. In time, your muscle will grow in mass and will become accustomed to more rigorous trainings.

That paragraph above brings me to my last statement. Loosing weight is a process. Trust me, you won’t see anything changed within the first two weeks of even a rigorous training let alone the first attempt. Now, I’m not a nutritionist nor I have extensive experience in dealing with weight-loss, I’m still in the process. But one thing I do know is, loose weight gradually. Set a realistic aim for yourself and try to achieve it. Don’t try to lose 20 pounds in the next month because it will deplete your mental health and moreover, you won’t feel happy while in the process of undergoing the changes. Try to loose 2 to 3 pounds in the next month. You can still eat whatever you want and if coupled with the will to workout, then you’ll get that result plus your body will get toned and better defined.

Please feel free to correct me if I’ve made a mistake or if you’ve got another opinion on how weight loss should be. ^.^


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