Moving In!

Now, for those of you didn’t know, I used to blog at another system. That was until a couple of days ago, a best friend of mine decided that she’d make me an author on one of her blogs. The blog itself is called , do give it a visit if you haven’t already. The blog itself contains “reminders” of what Indonesia has to offer. It’s still in bilingual, some posts are in Indonesian and some are in English, some even incorporate both 😛 But do give it a visit and give us feedbacks on how to improve.

Anyways, coming back to my personal blog. The blog will mainly contain stuffs I’ve…well, think of it as a life journal of some sort. I’ve only imported posts from my previous blog so it’s still a bit of a mess and the post before this (which, I promised I’d continue) has not yet been continued yet. Just got heaps and heaps of things to do at work but a promise is a promise and I will continue the series 😛

This blog is not for everyone in that sense of not everyone will actually get what I’m trying to say. But at times, I guarantee you there will be some fun stuffs to be read.



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