Cloverfield…INTENSE ITU BRO!!

One word to describe how Cloverfield was, “INTENSE!!” Gue gak tau mesti ngomong apa lagi.. Just watched Cloverfield and it was fucking amazing!! Probably one of my most intense 90 something minutes..

No spoilers whatsoever, ‘coz I hate spoilers and I don’t wanna give out anything that you’ve probably already knew about the movie. But the movie’s essentially about an overnight attack by a monster on New York City. The movie lasts a good 90 something minutes (if I timed it right). Shot with a handycam from a first person point of view, it can be a bit frustrating sometime to watch because the camera’s all shaky and out of focus at times. But that’s the thing that gives Cloverfield it’s uniqueness, you can really feel the intensity of the characters.

Plus since the producers weren’t using famous actors, watching the movie felt like an experience all by itself. You feel somewhat connected to the characters fleeing for their life and most important of all, the movie’s not about how to destroy the creature attacking the city but it emphasized on how humans would react towards a situation such as seen on the movie. And that’s when it hit me, would I react the same way as the character if say a huge-fuck all monster would attack Jakarta!? It’s just a nice turn of events from dozens of those Godzilla movies where the movie is all about how to destroy the monster.

Now I’ve been watching Cloverfield’s progress ever since my friend told me about the movie a couple of months back and I do have to admit that even though I was anxious on watching the movie, I had my doubts. Why I hear you say? Well because this is the first time Hollywood is filming a monster that wasn’t taken from another country (i.e. Godzilla). The producer (J.J. Abrams), thought of the monster when he was visiting a toy store in Japan while promoting Mission Impossible 3. While looking around, he saw heaps of Godzilla merchandises and thought that Hollywood needs their own monster (Abrams dismissed King Kong for being “adorable”, which is somewhat true) and lo! Cloverfield was born as a concept. Again, this was when I doubt that Hollywood could make such a monster.

The monster was…well it was a bit disappointing but I say that because I’m just too used to seeing monsters from popular Japanese TV series such as Ultraman or Kamen Rider that seeing a creature like that attacking New York was a bit, “Hmm..certainly didn’t expect those limbs to go like that.” Or something along that thought line. But it’s nice how they reveal the monster, it’s like you got a tail in the first couple of minutes, a limb here and there and finally the close up of the monster. It’s more eerie that way I suppose for the Facebook/MySpace generation who will be (or had watched) the movie.

It was a good movie and definitely worth watching if you’re into something fresh from the monster-movie scene. Overall I’d definitely give Cloverfield, 4 out of 5 stars. Enjoy the movie guys! It’s already out now at Blitz! Megaplex Jakarta dan kalo gak salah udah masuk ke midnight show-nya XXI.


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