Halo 3


This is an old post from my Facebook LiveBlog so some of the contents are generally really old (about 6 months old I reckon), but it’s still a good read anyways. (^-^). I’ve also included the link to the game’s official website so you can view for yourself how awesome the campaign was (the link’s surprisingly on this post’s headline, so just click that).

-End Warning-

If any of you are wondering what Halo 3 is, it is the last installment of the Halo video game series (for the FPS genre) released for the XBOX 360. The Halo series tells a story about mankind’s war against aliens in the future.

What I want to review is their marketing campaign. There were rumours that one of the big studios in Hollywood planned to bring Halo to the big screen. A friend told me that the plan didn’t make the cut, instead, the game’s developer, Bungie, decided to unleash an enormous marketing campaign set for Halo 3’s release.

I saw almost all the advertising on Youtube (just search “halo believe” on Youtube.com) and I was in awe throughout the whole thing.. Kudos to Bungie for making the advertising so entertaining and so realistic that even I was drawn in to play (and even get the funny feeling of experiencing) the war.

The thing about the whole marketing campaign was, the people at Bungie apparently decided to make the advertising looking like docu-drama bits. It’s like watching the veteran’s interview during the opening of Band of Brothers series. Each advertising tells a unique story about the veteran’s experience during a particular time of the war. They even fabricated the Warthog (a hummer-type vehicle used in the game) and created a diorama from “a battle”.

The decision to make such an enormous marketing campaign was astonishing! Halo 3 now holds the record for the highest grossing opening day in entertainment history, making US$170 million in its first twenty-four hours (from Wikipedia). It also sold more than US$300 million worth in its first week of release worldwide, ultimately helping Microsoft double their XBOX 360 sales..

As the marketing campaign tags, Believe. My advice to you: “Start watching.. Start playing.. Start believing..”


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