Apa Kabar Blog!!!

My God it’s been two months since my last post! Approaching three months malahan!! All I can say is banyak banget yang terjadi sama gue these past two and a half months. Lemme see, kalo dirunut itu gue udah resign dari kantor gue sebelomnya (which reminds me gue harus ganti profile lagi di Friendster..), udah jadi anak kuliah lagi di usia yang cukup bangkot ini dan gue udah mulai work-out at the gym quite frequent.

Oia! If you happen to read a couple of my posts (either previous or upcoming posts), do leave your comments because I’m trying to convert this page for my copywriting portfolio. That means I am going to have articles and writings on various interests! I even have a masterplan (no pun intended), to make this page a glorified online magazine haha! We’ll see if that works out in the future.

I’m gonna kick start with a nice bit of article about Jakarta’s transportation culture. Artikel ini bakalan ngebahas transportasi terbaru (or at least, yang paling terakhir ini), the Busway and the people opting to take the mode of transport.

Oh and for those reading my Blog on Blogger, you can check my Multiply for various articles that are not posted on Blogger since I have plans on deactivating my account on Blogger.



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