Does Superman ever doubt?

I know, it’s a line from the movie Superman Returns. But no, this is not the review for Superman Returns nor it’s the reason why I’ve finally managed to watch Superman Returns after all this month after its release or even the reason why the world needs Superman. But it’s more on why Superman? The title merely represents a persuasion to read this blog and hopefully you’ll leave comments on the way *sneers*.

Of course, the first question that pops out immediately is “There’s no such thing as Superman!?” (well it’s not a question, rather a statement actually, but anyhoo…). It’s superficial, I know. It’s impossible, I know that too — the guy’s fictional, you don’t need to tell me that twice. But why is it impossible?

But why Superman? Why can’t it be Spiderman? Or Batman? Because Superman is bulletproof, that’s just about it I think. Obviously the other superheroes that still looks like human isn’t bulletproof. Spiderman may dodge bullets and Batman would take on his enemies before they even have the chance to grab a gun, but Superman is susceptible to bullets. Do you remember the part where he was shot in the eye and the bullet just went “doink”?

I think that’s what we feel now. We want to be bulletproof. Forget about the x-ray vision or the thought of flying across the globe with red undies, I think all of us just like to be bulletproof. “Why”. you say? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the kid inside every one of us. Maybe it’s the thought of being such a macho, protecting the innocent and what not. But I bet all you, that everyone of us wants to be bulletproof. Me, I wanna be bulletproof because then I won’t feel a thing.

But is it? Will I feel nothing even if I’m bulletproof. Will I be happy without feeling anything? Heck, what do I know. It’s not really a question I’d keen to answer anyways. I don’t think it’s a question. What do you think?


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