Raspberry & Oatmeal Slurry

I got this recipe from yesterday’s episode of Nigella Feasts on Discovery Travel & Living. It’s called Raspberry & Oatmeal Slurry. This was actually done for breakfast -probably due to the oatmeal part-, but it can also be done for those midnight snack. It’s easy to make and it’s damn tasty!

Raspberry & Oatmeal Slurry
2 cups of frozen raspberry
4 teaspoon of sugar
3 to 5 oatmeal cookies (can change to any kind of cookie you might prefer)
500ml of yoghurt (get something thicker and creamier than whole milk)

1. Blend the 2 cups of the frozen raspberry, don’t wait till it’s defrosted just slam it on the blender as soon as you get it out. It might take a while.
2. Just when it’s crushed, put in 4 teaspoon of sugar and blend again.
3. While you wait for the raspberry to slowly defrost in the blend and create a sorbet-like texture, crush the oatmeal cookies to kingdom come! Just smash it up by lining up the cookies on the table covered with a small plastic bag and start smashing with anything you first lay your eyes on (preferably something wooden-like).
4. Once you get that sorbet-like texture, put the raspberry in first on a small cup or glass, followed by a generous amount of yoghurt and finished with the cookie slurry, then you do the whole routine once more just so the glass will fill up nicely.
5. Serve!

See how easy it was!? O yeah, the calculation for the recipe above will feed 4 people so you can have your girlfriend or boyfriend over for a little snack or better, have a double dinner date. Have a try and tell me all about it! I’d appreciate any comments whatsoever.

*credits go to Nigella Lawson from her show, Nigella Feasts on The Food Network syndicated by Discovery Travel & Living

done on: 23-01-07 @ 04:32PM


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